Thursday, April 1, 2010



每年执教的美术班学生少说也有十多班,每每大家已有相当默契的时候课程便接近尾声, 结束的那一天对于已熟记名字的学生们我会有点不舍。这种体验一年有无数次,周而复始地持续了十来年,情感上确实有点疲惫。

People come and people go; that may be sad, but that’s a plain fact of human relationship. Have been teaching western painting for many years and each year, I see more than 10 classes of both young and adult students. Often when we have a considerable understanding of each other such as be acquainted with people you identify with and your frequency matches so well and that you are comfortable sharing your thoughts with them; it’s near the end of the course. On the last day, bracing myself for all the hellos and goodbye’s can be difficult even though that someone may have stayed in my lives for just a few weeks. Well, I’m truly a little exhausted emotionally after been subjected to this never ending series of “goodbyes” several times a year in the last 10 years…


Sometimes circumstances can create an inevitable rift between intention and reality. I remembered in one of our obstacle test during days in the army; I felt awful and I’m prepared to give a tug to the comrade who’s shorter and slighter in figure that tumble and fell in front of me। However, the warrant officer sternly drives me to move on. I have to leave but I will never forget the pleading look on the young man….


Losing my parents was the most devastating event of my life; nevertheless we move on but some memories never fade away …knowing I would not have time to handle matters but I could not defy mother’s plea for me to stay on longer whenever I visited my parents…


These days, I tried to avoid eye contact with anyone so I would not have a chance to hold on to anyone or anything….however, the goodbyes are still uncomfortable and they make me uneasy....


Life throws surprises at us, good and bad; it’s all in how we take them …that day, we found four abandoned kittens; two black two white, extremely lively and adorable. Right away, we put up an adoption ad in the internet as our unit are really too small to keep all four. When one of the kitty was taken, it does hurt but at the same time we are happy the kitty found a good home. Now, the other three kittens continue to live with us for they have already leave footprints in our heart and we can’t bear to see them go….

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  1. 对于黑猫的去世请节哀,毕竟我跟它也有一面之缘.昨天刚从马六甲扫墓回来,看到了两座没有埋人的坟墓.就是说人未死就替自己挖好坟墓.这种人对生死的看透是值得让我们深思的.好了,再联络. 杰.

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