Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Most of the scene in the Chinese folk tale, “Feng Sheng Pang” is rather bizarre. For instance, in the story of “Sheng Kong Pao”; “Sheng” is an immortal who is able to detach his head from his body. However, by mistake his head was re-attached with his face & eyes stand facing his back.
Globalization has changed our world from that of our ancestor. Should I reminisced the past? Muse over traditional observation and practice or move forward? This often has me relating the sorry stage and posture of “Sheng” to my own life.

With the help of modern technology, I should have more time for my many craze, such as self reflection, reading a good book, painting, etc. However, I barely have time for a good 8 hours sleep!
Though a bit disappointed with myself, I am at ease and comfortable with my pace. Simply, I believe in moving with the flow. I can slow down, look back and reflex later?
Or assimilate the act of SHENG, the body moving forward but the head keep looking back...

Feng SHENG PANG" or literally translated as the Book of Enthronement is an ancient Chinese folk tale that primarily talk about the feud and battle amid the "God of Good" and the "God of Evil"; also why and how they fight for their beliefs.
Foremost, most of the characters in Feng Sheng Pang possess various capabilities such as vanishing into ground or wall, expand or shrink part or whole of their bodies, mutate or transform into other forms, etc. Often they also holds weapon that destroy life.
These Gods may be endowed with much capability; they are also entangled in the game of love and hatred played out by the simple and deprived human.
Feng Sheng Pang also touches on relationship as in rapport between leader and subordinate; bonds between master and disciple; compassion and tolerance of father and son, etc.
The storyline may be simple; it is however an inspiration on how to lay out my view (on canvas) on life and existence....

"Same boat" is about the battle of the Gods; and regardless of wisdom or ability; or even if they die in the battle, they are promised of higher footing in divinity.....

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