Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Singapore_2005 to 2008

In “On Higher Ground”, I want to annotate the aspiration, vision and responsibility each and every individual cleave to in certain phase or stages of his/her life. From youth to old age, we constantly move in and out of different scene and these intermittent scene has become a part of our so-called “life stage”.
Occasionally, looking back on the years, 10, 20, 30, 40 years are over and gone. The changes or reforms every 10 years not only imply that time flies; it alerted us to the biological and psychological changes in our body; it also makes known to us the warmth and rejection from people.
To some extent, a person manner or approaches to matter may be at variance in each life stage. However, so long he/she maintains his/her beliefs; remains unruffled and takes thing calmly, continue to carry on with his/her role in the various stages; do what ought to, that should give significance to one’s life....

"White" & "Belief"

"Vegetarian Lormee"

"Five" & "Dearest"

"Diary 1 & 2"
Running and ability to finish the 42km marathon has been my main interest during this period.....

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