Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back Home_1996 to 1998

In its broadest sense, my works at this period aim to represent the problems of the individual trying to reconcile himself to the social implications of the present-day in Singapore…

“W Day” and “And they live happily ever after” question the traditional conventions of marriage; why one husband and wife, and why are there still so many problems in a relationship.

“The Family” focuses on the desires and hopes of each individual
(1997, acrylic on canvas, 130x304cm)

"Mind One’s own business” is an allegory that we need to respect and show consideration to individual who practice different ways.
(1997, acrylic on fabric)

“She loves me but she is not my mummy” and the “child & maid” series talks about an intimate domestic nature where the roles of parents and surrogate mothers in the form of foreign maids are poignantly played out.

In “What will it be” & “What will it be – mummy, auntie, daddy? “, the theme is again about some of the circumstances of family life in Singapore today, especially where they affect bringing up of children and their relationship with their parents and the maid.

The series “They believe we can fly” and “Sink or Swim” touched on the theme of parents’ unrealistic expectations for their children who not only represent childhood but who must look forward to adult life.

Self-identity is the theme in “Black cat White cat", "60kg”, “Going Home" & "Partner”

“After bird flu” touched on self-centeredness
(1998 acrylic on fabric, 180x70cm_4 panels)

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